Wot I loved today: The Cottage

Lucy Robinson houseOur house move is still ongoing (don’t even ask) (oh, you weren’t going to anyway) but I was just reflecting on the place we’ve moved out of and how very, very much I loved it. We rented it in May when we first arrived in Bristol and never planned to leave so soon. But the house of our dreams came on the market, so blah blah blah.

Here is what we’ve just left behind. Isn’t it absolutely beautiful? Aren’t we lucky?

This house is where I was very, very ill for a very long time, and yet my memories of it are very happy. I’d lie there in bed feeling unspeakably cack but being in such a lovely room, with the sound of a big tree rustling outside with birds warbling aimlessly and bees buzzing busily in the lavender, and the sight of the sun slanting in through the shutters, was often enough to stop me losing hope.

And then that house is where I got better again, and was able to run up and down the stairs, and decorate a Christmas tree, and make my first ever ginger cake, and cry with relief and happiness that my life was on track again. I loved this place and will miss it. Farewell, lovely cottage! X
Lucy Robinson house
Lucy Robinson cottage


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One Response to Wot I loved today: The Cottage

  1. Lisa says:

    Lucy its beautiful! If I lived in Bristol I WOULD RENT IT!

    Do we get to see the dream home? Xx

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