Wot I loved today: (no sex) in the CITY

I walked from my meeting at Penguin – near Trafalgar Square – to a lunch in Spitalfields. It’s been an age since I hung out in the City of London. Most of my London life took place in Westminster and surrounding boroughs and to me the city remained a strange beast. I had a brief fling with a banker who worked there once and drove him bloody mad with my incessant requests for nights out in the square mile. I just wanted to stare at all those smart people wearing proper shoes. Maybe sniff their nice leather briefcases. Listen to them use words like ‘stocks’ and stuff.

My walk was glorious. There is a wonderful, undefinable energy that crackles around there – not from the incessant stream of people eating sushi and salads and shouting clever things into phones – although there’s plenty of that. No, it’s a more exciting historical energy. Something about that unseen faultline where old meets new.

It made me zing. YEAH.








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