Wot I loved today: having THE POWER

My head, earlier: fuck fuck fuck, there’s loads to do, fuck fuck fuck, let’s try and do it ALL NOW

Me: Hang on. Let’s stop. Is this a helpful state to be in?


Me: Really?

*short pause*

Me: You have a choice here. Be all mental about having lots to do, or just have a really nice, chilled day doing what you can.

My head: Oh.

Me: What’s it to be?

My head: I reckon the nice day.

Me: Me too. Shall we do it?

My head: Yes. Let’s do it.

It really is that simple. I caLucy Robinson COPYRIGHT EVA BELL PHOTOGRAPHYn turn off all unhelpful noise in my head and choose to do something much better. I LOVE this shit! It is POWER!

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  1. Joanne says:

    Love this!

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