Wot I Loved Today: GODMINSTER

This will be a very short blog. All you need to know is that Godminster cheddar is the finest cheese in the universe, including the bits of the universe that physicists haven’t yet found. It is a traffic-stopper of a cheese. It is perfect. It will make you weep and sink to the floor in a deep and blissful swoon.

That is all.


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4 Responses to Wot I Loved Today: GODMINSTER

  1. Lucy Marshall says:

    it is marvellous. we have a “everyone bring a cheese and we’ll rate the best” competition on christmas day – i know, we’re cool – and for the last two years this bad boy has triumphed. Unbeaten. A cheddar!

  2. Charlotte Marshall says:

    When a close friend of mine added this link to her Facebook I felt it only right to leave a comment, a) because you are so right about godminster, it is the king of cheese and a hugely warm welcomed to the family of cheese eating having discovered after our move to Dorset, and b) well I’m loving the Marshall and my sister is called Lucy so it was meant to be!

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