Wot I loved today: Birthday time!

Lucy Robinson birthday sweetsI turned thirty-four yesterday. As you will see from this blog’s predecessor, I am now resigned to being old so there’s no need for commiserations.

I had SUCH a lovely day. My birthday last year was nice but I was going downhill fast with M.E. and was very nervous that I wouldn’t be able to cope with the plans I’d made. This year – I was FIRING ON ALL CYLINDERS. Shit damn, I was alive!

The Man brought me breakfast in bed. A perfectly-proportioned breakfast with free range bacon and vivid orange eggs. Oh and some mango lassi (isn’t he ace?) and a cup of steamed milk that tastes vaguely of coffee which is how I take my decaf. He gave me lots of hugs and then gave my bottom a very hard massage.

(That is not a euphemism for back door sex, by the way. As some of you know I have a very poorly coccyx at the moment and one of the many things I have to do to get well is give some spasming muscles a good hard massage each day… Honestly…)

Then we went for a lovely posh lunch at a restaurant which had decided not to open for the day. So we went to somewhere less posh but probably nicer. It was delicious. We had lemon meringue mess for dessert. Can you imagine the glory?

I got beautiful cards, presents, messages, calls and facebook posts and other forms of love throughout the day, including a delivery of all the sweets that we used to buy from Phil the ice cream van man at lunchtime when I was at school. Wham bars! Drumsticks! Fruit Salads! Amazing! (My fave was the humble fruit salad. What was yours?)

And then, thinking that I’d had all I was going to get, I only got a skype call from my best friend Marge in America saying that between her and The Man they had somehow got me a flight to New York to stay with her! How unbelievably lucky am I?! I’M GOING TO NEW YORK!

I burst into tears, of course.

Then we had a lovely evening with friends and I had a HAPPY BIRTHDAY chocolate lollipop and was given flowers and it was all just lovely. I’m going to have a party soon when we move into our new house (which is soooooon! THE EXCITEMENT!) and I will dance like a bastard even if everyone else is standing around being grownup. I am so happy to be alive and well. I’m so happy to be so happy. I could just have turned seventy-four and I’d still be happy. YEAH! Happy is so much better than all other options!

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5 Responses to Wot I loved today: Birthday time!

  1. Marge says:

    Happy BIRTHDAY DEAREST!!! What a wonderful , sweet filled slice of blog happiness to read on a grey morn. Can’t wait to see you setting the streets of New York aflame!! xxx

  2. Ellie says:

    Ah, Phil the ice-cream man..happy days..amazed frankly that I have any teeth left after all the wham bars I must have eaten at SHS! Oh, and Happy Birthday!

  3. Victoria Fox says:

    Happy (belated) birthday! Sounds dreamy. Well done. Next time the pies are on me xxx

  4. Kaz Pagzj says:

    We are just this very moment checking out of NY & jolly well can’t wait to return – You’re gonna have MEGA fun, which,of course, you already know – duh! Love, love love xxx

  5. Chris says:

    Sorry to be so late – I echo your sentiments. Damned good to be alive and it’s peeps like you and the lassi juggling ladster that deserve the best birthdays ever…

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