Who wants The Unfinished Symphony of You and Me . . . .EARLY?

Lucy Robinson's INCREDIBLE third novel!People, I have amazing news. Penguin have been in talks with all the lovely folk who sell my books online and here’s what they’ve agreed: If this video below reaches 1000 hits, they will release the ebook of Unfinished Symphony EARLY. As in, a whole week early. You could be reading it in JUST OVER A WEEK! HEAR ME NOW!

Given how many of you have wailed at me about having to wait for this book, I think this is a marvellous little thing. I for one am definitely up for having that little bad boy on my Kindle before June 19th. Um, even though as you probably remember, I don’t own a kindle.

Never mind. Here’s the video, which features snippets written by none other than YOU guys. It’s of me being hauled into Penguin to talk about my VERY BAD LANGUAGE. And also my VERY ODD LANGUAGE.That marketing exec Joe gave me a right grilling. Enjoy! And TELL EVERYONE YOU KNOW. Thank you. XXXX

And to pre-order your (hopefully EARLY copy, if you get viewing and sharing . . .) here’s the link: http://po.st/I1Mflu

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2 Responses to Who wants The Unfinished Symphony of You and Me . . . .EARLY?

  1. Trish says:

    Is the where you fell off your shoes? ? I’m sorry, but you’re still Lucy Robinson. ..

  2. Lucy Robinson says:

    That’s a lovely face I’m making there. AND I look pregnant. Ideal! Oh, who cares. You could get the ebook SOON by watching this.

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