Tips for bad writing days: #3 GET INTO (A DIFFERENT) BED

When I have a Bad Writing Day – and let me tell you that I have them ALL OF THE TIME – I can go barmy very quickly. Barminess is not fertile ground for good writing. So I’m offering a series of tips from my own personal experience to help you with yours. Take what you like and leave the rest…

Tip #3: GET INTO BED. (Your own.)

In my last blog I suggested you get into bed with your characters, as they’re the ones who should be telling the story, not you.

Today I’m suggesting you get into your own bed and – it’s as simple as this – have a good old kip. Here’s why: it’s been my experience that the key to solving a writing dilemma is seldom to throw more writing at it. Walking away from it and getting a little respite works much better for me. Every single time.

And yet it feels all wrong to simply get up and walk away from the computer when trouble strikes. You are not allowed a break! My head bellows, outraged. Your deadline is approaching!

BOLLOCKS! The human head was not designed to spew out original content hour after hour, day after day. Just like yours, my brain is finite. And sometimes it needs a break.

Not a long, self-pitying ‘my life is pointless’ hibernation; I’m talking a short power nap here. It takes a leap of faith to let go – I think we writers are naturally inclined to try to write our way out of crises – but it’s been my own personal experience that an hour-long snooze has enabled me to leap in a sprightly fashion out of even the darkest of literary holes.

And with that, I’m off to bed. A storyline in my current novel is driving me insane and guess what? I’m hopelessly tired. I’ve taken this leap of faith enough times now to know that it’ll work.

I’m just going . . . to . . . mmmmmmmmmmmmzzzzzzz


*I hope I do not need to clarify that I am not stoned in this picture. Just sleepy.*

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2 Responses to Tips for bad writing days: #3 GET INTO (A DIFFERENT) BED

  1. I do ALL my writing in bed! Perfect position so for a power nap Lucy! Lol.
    Mr H keeps saying he’ll give the office a makeover for me to make it nicer to write in, but I keep telling him, I do all my best work in bed!

    Laptop, iPad all around me and a pot of tea on my bedside locker and I’m set!

    Great tip all the same Lucy, no point flogging a dead horse and all that, if the words aren’t flowing!

  2. Colin Thomas says:

    Many moons ago I was required to write a Big Book (Thesis) in order that a southern university allowed me to place a few more letters after my name. I started writing every morning at 6am and did not rise from my chair to eat or drink until I had written for six hours. Amazingly my brain adjusted well to this routine. There were times when the brain seemed to slow down but possibly the knowledge that it would be ‘fed and watered’ spirited it into action on a number of occasions!
    Love book two. Can’.t wait till the third hits the shelves

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