Tips for Bad Writing Days: #1 GET OUT OF YOUR HOUSE

When I have a Bad Writing Day – and let me tell you that I have them ALL OF THE TIME – I can go barmy very quickly. Barminess is not fertile ground for good writing. So I’m offering a series of tips from my own personal experience to help you with yours. Take what you like and leave the rest…

Tip #1: GET THE HELL OUT OF YOUR HOUSE. AND ON TO YOUR BIKE  if you have one. If not, feet are good too. 

The longer I sit inside trying to fix a broken storyline, the more anxious I get. Suddenly it’s just me and this  fail, alone in the world with no hope of happiness. My mind is filled with doom and despair and epically sad music plays softly and mockingly in my head. Life, as I know it, is over.

As soon as I get out into the world, I get over myself. It’s a book, for God’s sake. It doesn’t matter. The world is still turning. Pigeons are still pooing. I mean cooing. Weird people are still out jogging even though it’s freezing. And the grass is still growing.

Phew. I am ok! Look, there’s a squirrel! And oh how lovely, the sun is slicing through the trees on the common and making delicate shadows on the frosty grass.

Those sorts of thoughts are helpful. I HAVE TO STAY HERE AND SOLVE THIS PROBLEM IS NOT. Get out, ideally on a bike if you have one, and feel fresh air on your face. Stay out until you’ve stopped being mental.

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