Hi there. HI THERE! Even ‘ho there,’ as my phone wanted me to write. So: the book is out! You can buy it in most places, including online.

I’m going to upload a nice blog of pictures of the launch day shortly but for now, here’s info on my blog tour which is already underway.

Want to read my book but don’t have it yet? Well this blog tour is for YOU, hobo. I shall be doing exclusive reveals of my cast of characters all week – one per day. Including their best lines and moments. I love these guys and can’t wait for you to meet them.

And I’m also building up to a big personal challenge at the end – Arghhh! This is because there is a strong theme of facing one’s fears in the story, and Penguin reckoned I should face one of my own. Damn them!

For details of what, who and where, take a squiz at this little banner thing. Happy reading. And thanks again for all the support!

Today, Saturday 21st – head on over to to meet the unbelievably LUSH Brian Hurst. One of my very favourites..

Love and gropes
Me xx

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