THE DAY WE DISAPPEARED . . . Has appeared.

The Day We Disappeared by Lucy RobinsonIt’s here! The Day We Disappeared didn’t disappear at all! Instead it arrived in great piles on bookshelves; it fell through letter boxes and downloaded into peoples’ e-readers and kept people up until the wee hours. (Which, as any writer will tell you, is a win.) IT HAS APPEARED EVERYWHERE. The wait is over!


I am thrilled – and I mean, SUPER-thrilled- to announce that we have paired up with the brilliant daily fashion and culture email, Emerald Street and the jaw-droppingly fabulous Lulu Guinness brand – home to unique and beautiful British handbags – to offer not only signed copies of my book but THE MOST STUNNING HANDBAG ON EARTH. A red polished calf leather Paula bag. *Faints*

Do not waste any further time on this website. Go straight to Emerald Street to enter the competition and spread the word. I will most certainly be entering, even though they’d never let me win. I want that handbag so bad. LOOK AT IT!!


And if you’re still here, you can check out The Day We Disappeared right here. Thanks for your support, everyone. Your reviews – be they in newspapers or magazines, or on blogs, websites, social media, Goodreads or Amazon, have truly made it all worthwhile. You rule. x

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