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Loving New York Day 11: Lindsey Kelk

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Yesterday I moved back in with Marge, who’d kicked me out for a few days. This is because she is a BIG HO. (I think this is how Americans write ‘hoe.’ It makes me laugh a lot more without the E. Do you feel the same?) Marge isn’t really a BIG HO. She just had another visitor. I mean, she invited me to come over for a week and I decided to come for three, so it’s fair enough. Anyway, during those BIG HO days, I went and stayed with my chum Lindsey Kelk. She’s a Times top ten bestselling … Continue reading

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Wot I loved today: ALL THE THINGS.

 Lucy Robinson on the tube. Photo: Beagleybrown.com

It’s been three days since I dropped a Wot I Love blog. This isn’t because I’ve stopped loving things, it is because the data allowance on my phone has run out for this month and I won’t pay for any more. I AM A PIKEY OF ASTONISHING PROPORTIONS! Additionally, I am away from home and whenever I’m somewhere with wifi I’m generally talking to people. But I’m here now on a sofa with wifi and nobody to talk to so I’m going to tell you about the things I’ve loved since Monday. So: On TuesdayI loved having a literary inspiration … Continue reading

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