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Life I love: Springwatch


I remember listening to my Mum trying to explain, a few years back, why she loves the BBC’s coverage of the Chelsea Flower Show so much. She watches it every year with such great enthusiasm and joy; anyone making noise while it is on is summarily ejected from the room. I did listen to her reasoning but I did not get it. ‘that’ll never happen to me,‘ I thought secretly. ‘However old I get.’ Only it has, with Springwatch. Friends, I am completely addicted. I love it so much that last night I actually found myself doing a round up … Continue reading

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Wot I loved today: WORK GROUP

 Lucy Robinson facebooking - copyright Lucy Robinson

This is what it was like working in TV: – A lot of noise, some necessary, most not – People everywhere, generating chaos and mess – More than a fair share of utter wankers – A lot of laughter – Quite a bit of bullying – Lots of desperate middle class kids working for free – Lots of coke-snorting bosses abusing them – Camaraderie that made your heart melt and got you through the bleakest of crises – Free taxis (until about 2008, when you started having to carry camera kit around London that was as heavy as you) – … Continue reading

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Ahhhhh. That’s nice. After five days in pitch black, cold, crapness, we are in a BIG WARM BED and it’s lush. Anyway. Here’s day twelve. (Thanks, by the way, for sticking with me, my friends. I got an email through yesterday with the statistics for my website for the last month and was like, say WHAT? You are reading my blog. I love that. Thanks very, very much.) The Man is a documentary film maker. Word got out that he was in New York during Hurricane Sandy. He was called by about a million TV companies all wanting him to … Continue reading

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