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Who wants The Unfinished Symphony of You and Me . . . .EARLY?

 The Unfinished Symphony of You and Me by Lucy Robinson

People, I have amazing news. Penguin have been in talks with all the lovely folk who sell my books online and here’s what they’ve agreed: If this video below reaches 1000 hits, they will release the ebook of Unfinished Symphony EARLY. As in, a whole week early. You could be reading it in JUST OVER A WEEK! HEAR ME NOW! Given how many of you have wailed at me about having to wait for this book, I think this is a marvellous little thing. I for one am definitely up for having that little bad boy on my Kindle before … Continue reading

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 Lucy Robinson with bagel.

Today I’ve mostly been trying to get better. But I did go to the Metropolitan Opera House for a backstage tour and, possibly, made a massive error. I was there because the protagonist in my third novel is going to go and work there briefly so I needed to spy on them. It was brilliant, actually; incredibly informative and useful. I was in heaven until a really lovely, well-heeled lady from Manhattan asked me why I was making so many notes. I explained that I was a novelist. (I still feel like such a twonk saying this. I expect people … Continue reading

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Romance continues

I am still having an affair of the heart. This is something of a miracle. I keep waking up and staring suspiciously at myself in the mirror, trying to sniff out evidence of an alien abduction. As yet there is none. The same old Robinson stares back at me in her faded M&S pants, an earplug half sticking out of her ear and hair like Aslan’s – which is fine if you’re a lion, less good if you’re a thirty year-old woman. Since my last blog I have discovered that The Man a) is an excellent cook b) knows all … Continue reading

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