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Wot I loved today: Rhubarb crumble

 Rhubarb Crumble - copyright Lucy Robinson Blog

When I tell people that I couldn’t eat sugar for FOUR YEARS they sort of say ‘oh, that’s a bit shit,’ but on the whole they tend not to grasp how life-dampeningly sad it was. Seriously – imagine it now – you go to your friend’s house and she offers you a slice of home made Victoria sponge. Oh, no thanks. It’s Christmas and everyone is giving you mulled wine and mince pies and yule logs and Christmas cakes and spiced ginger cake and . . no, I can’t. Sorry. You go to Penguin, to celebrate the fact that they’ve … Continue reading

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Robinson is back.

 Lucy Robinson with a moustache.

Dear Everyone who might find this blog, I’m BACK! I’m WELL! I survived the most horrible six months of my life! You may remember my last post, back in June, when I wrote something a bit cryptic about my body going on strike and me having to sign off for a while. I wasn’t being cryptic because I’m a dick (although I am a dick)  – I was being cryptic because I didn’t yet know what was wrong with me. Except I did, really. The day it started – the day it seemed to come crashing out of the sky … Continue reading

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