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Vintage Robinson part two: Romance

 Lucy Robinson, fearless adventurer

I explained here why I’m not able to write my Life I Love blog at the moment. (TEMPORARILY!) So to continue where I left off yesterday, here is blog two from my life in Argentina all those years ago… http://lucy-robinson.co.uk/romance-four-options/

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Romance: Fewer options

So. My list of four possible suitors has been whittled down, rather rapidly, to just one. Simon, the Chicago man with a smell of clean laundry about him, has disappeared. If you have ever backpacked anywhere then this will surprise you in no way at all. Traveller types are highly unpredictable and are very prone to just disappearing off on the back of someone’s moped at 4am, never to be seen again. They are always fine; you hear from them six weeks down the line and they explain that they went to a party, got on the bong, played some … Continue reading

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