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All you can eat buffets: a study

 holiday 1

The Man and I went on a luxury all-inclusive holiday. Here we are, looking happy and brown. The Man and I don’t generally do luxury holidays. Most of our travel adventures have involved backpacks and quite a lot of foulness. Mostly involving my insides, as you may or may not care to remember. So to recap, we generally don’t do luxury. Even less do we do all-inclusive. But I was half-dead with exhaustion after giving birth to my third novel and The Man was half-dead with exhaustion after making a really amazing film which I will tell you about when … Continue reading

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The perfect package

Oh, readers. You bunch of psychopaths. How I love you! After my request in my last blog for stories of dreadful seduction I received tweets which left me literally roaring with laughter, thumping my leg. “I love these women!” I yelled gratefully. My personal favourite was from Helena who locked a potential suitor in the bathroom with her, whispering, “Here I am. Waxed, randy and ready. There are shower facilities if you need hosing down.” Just amazing. Anyway apologies for my absence. I went abroad again. (My holidays for 2012 both happened within a week of each other which at the time … Continue reading

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