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Facing my fears

 Lucy Robinson. Jewellery - The Printsmith

Firstly: Welcome to the final blog post of my little tour for The Unfinished Symphony of You and Me. It’s been a WEEK! Thanks to Victoria, Laura, Eve, Kirsty, Chloe and Kevin  for having me. So. My final post. I wrote it last Friday so it’d be all ready for posting today. I thought I’d nailed it. Only I hadn’t. The post was meant to act as a finale to my blog tour, in which me and my book characters talked about things they were afraid of. Today there was going to be a video of me facing a fear … Continue reading

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 Lucy Robinson with bagel.

Today I’ve mostly been trying to get better. But I did go to the Metropolitan Opera House for a backstage tour and, possibly, made a massive error. I was there because the protagonist in my third novel is going to go and work there briefly so I needed to spy on them. It was brilliant, actually; incredibly informative and useful. I was in heaven until a really lovely, well-heeled lady from Manhattan asked me why I was making so many notes. I explained that I was a novelist. (I still feel like such a twonk saying this. I expect people … Continue reading

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