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Breaking news: my fourth novel!

 Day We Disappeared  FINAL JACKET

Dearest Readers, Blimey. What a summer! I have been working like an absolute mad one, which is why you’ve not heard so much from me on the blog and interweb. But the end result is my new novel, about which I am incredibly excited to be – finally – sharing details. It’s my most ambitious yet and at times drove me mad. But I’m very happy I ploughed on because the result is, hopefully, a big, brave, dark, funny and uplifting story. That was the plan, anyway. It’s definitely a step forward for Lucy Robinson. You can expect the usual … Continue reading

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Who wants The Unfinished Symphony of You and Me . . . .EARLY?

 The Unfinished Symphony of You and Me by Lucy Robinson

People, I have amazing news. Penguin have been in talks with all the lovely folk who sell my books online and here’s what they’ve agreed: If this video below reaches 1000 hits, they will release the ebook of Unfinished Symphony EARLY. As in, a whole week early. You could be reading it in JUST OVER A WEEK! HEAR ME NOW! Given how many of you have wailed at me about having to wait for this book, I think this is a marvellous little thing. I for one am definitely up for having that little bad boy on my Kindle before … Continue reading

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 Lucy Robinson's INCREDIBLE third novel!

Hi gang. Happy Sunday! Thanks for taking time out from your roast chickens to visit my blog. So: here is some big fat hairy hews about my third novel! 1. IT IS OUT ON JULY 7TH 2. IT IS CALLED THE UNFINISHED SYMPHONY OF YOU AND ME 3. PENGUIN HAVE TRIUMPHED YET AGAIN WITH THE JACKET! HERE IT IS! ISN’T IT BEAUTIFUL? I know I’m a bit biased but I think my book jackets may be the loveliest book jackets in the world. If you’ve bought a hard copy of either of my existing books you’ll know that they’re all … Continue reading

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Lots of news

 Lucy Robinson - COPYRIGHT va-va-vacation.com

AHOY THERE friends! Oh my flaming knobs it’s been a busy week! But I won’t go on about that because it would be very boring; I will instead sound a modest trumpet fanfare and deliver some exciting bits and pieces of NEWS. Here goes! 1. Reveal Magazine goes bonkers: I’m not joking – there is a double page spread in Reveal magazine this week featuring none other than Lucy Robinson! In a bloomin’ naughty sailor’s outfit! Eeeek! I’ll explain the outfit later on in this post but for now, check out the magazine. I’m even on the front cover! It is probably … Continue reading

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 Queues at the supermarket - Lucy Robinson Blog Hurricane Sandy

Wow! After years of talking about bollocks, I now find myself writing a breaking news current affairs blog. I AM IN THE PATH OF HURRICANE SANDY. I AM IN MANHATTAN. I am one of millions of people who have spent today getting candles and water and crisps and possibly quite a lot of cheese too, cos I love cheese innit. Oh god I love cheese. Anyway, just like Fran, my protagonist in The Greatest Love Story of All Time, I suddenly find myself lined up to report on a major news event. Unlike Fran I am not going to start punching … Continue reading

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