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Hello friends. Just a few of little bits of news from, well, me. RYEDALE BOOK FESTIVAL Firstly – and I love this – a group of drama students from the Kirkham Henry Performing Arts Theatre Company have spent the last few weeks scripting and rehearsing a scene from my debut novel, The Greatest Love Story of All Time, and they’ll be performing it at Ryedale Book Festival this weekend. Yours truly will open (and probably spoil) their dramatic interlude by reading a short extract from the book. Afterwards I’ll be doing a Q&A. I am totally thrilled that these talented young … Continue reading

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I was out with The RMC the other night. The RMC comprises four women including myself. We like food (too much) and everyone in the group apart from me owns a designer handbag. We met in  2004 when we were all runners on a TV show. It was a really great gig in which we got to learn loads about how to make TV programmes: we divided our time cleaning up human waste in portaloos, animal waste in rainy fields and running back and forth along a muddy lane getting meals for lazy producers. For weeks and weeks and weeks. … Continue reading

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Welcome to my all new blog!

 castle stalker with robinson

HELLO FRIENDS! Welcome to my new blog! Rahhh, huzzah, YESSSS (pumping fist action) + all kinds of celebratory shit! My own shiny little blog! After three years at the excellent Marie Claire I’m striking out alone. I’m going to try to become one of those proper writers who lives online and spends all their time tweeting hilarious things to other writers and famous people and stuff. That said, I have my concerns. I looked at Caitlin Moran’s twitter earlier – she’s successful and cool n stuff – the kind of person I should be emulating. (She also likes a good … Continue reading

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She’s coming home, she’s coming home, she’s coming…

I am less than forty-eight hours away from my flight home, readers. Thank you very much for the support: I was really touched by your messages of concern. You helped me accept that dying out here of some tropical malady was both avoidable and absurd. (NB one of my favourite ‘come home’ messages was via Twitter: “are you out of your f*cking MIND, you c*ck? Stop being a f*cking fanny and come home RIGHT NOW… YOU UTTER D*CK!” So yes, I listened and agreed and at huge expense changed our flights home. The Man has – as usual – been … Continue reading

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