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Who wants The Unfinished Symphony of You and Me . . . .EARLY?

 The Unfinished Symphony of You and Me by Lucy Robinson

People, I have amazing news. Penguin have been in talks with all the lovely folk who sell my books online and here’s what they’ve agreed: If this video below reaches 1000 hits, they will release the ebook of Unfinished Symphony EARLY. As in, a whole week early. You could be reading it in JUST OVER A WEEK! HEAR ME NOW! Given how many of you have wailed at me about having to wait for this book, I think this is a marvellous little thing. I for one am definitely up for having that little bad boy on my Kindle before … Continue reading

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Wot I loved today: Plain English

 Lucy Robinson - COPYRIGHT va-va-vacation.com

I was working at the co-op earlier. I write there a couple of days a week so I don’t go mad and feral working on my own. This co-op is also the place I recently did a Spanish cookery course; some of you will have seen my surprisingly impressive creations on my FB page. However, while I was pretty bueno in the cooking department, I was unforgivably shite at speaking Spanish. Which is embarrassing, because I lived and travelled in South America for a VERY long time. At the end of the final class, I said to Eli, our teacher, … Continue reading

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The end of an affair

I had the unexpected pleasure, last week, of witnessing someone actually crying with laughter while reading my blog. I’m not going to lie, I nearly passed out with delight. Today’s entry, however, is probably not going to make anyone cry with laughter; in fact the only person crying is probably me. The reason for this is that – deep breath – I’m on my way home. I’m about three hours in to a twenty-one hour bus journey back to Buenos Aires. A couple of days there tying up loose ends and then I’m done. I fly back to London on … Continue reading

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