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THE DAY WE DISAPPEARED . . . Has appeared.

It’s here! The Day We Disappeared didn’t disappear at all! Instead it arrived in great piles on bookshelves; it fell through letter boxes and downloaded into peoples’ e-readers and kept people up until the wee hours. (Which, as any writer will tell you, is a win.) IT HAS APPEARED EVERYWHERE. The wait is over! BUT THE FUN TOTALLY DOES NOT END THERE. I am thrilled – and I mean, SUPER-thrilled- to announce that we have paired up with the brilliant daily fashion and culture email, Emerald Street and the jaw-droppingly fabulous Lulu Guinness brand – home to unique and beautiful … Continue reading

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 Lucy Robinson Blog

Our final day in New York was beautiful. (Not mardy and grey like this photo.) The sun shone in that unmistakably New Yorkian way; the fire escapes seemed to be covered in diamonds and the brownstone glowed as if it had been lit by an experienced lighting designer. Elegant columns of steam snaked up from manholes just like in the movies and . . . (Shit. I just said ‘movies.’ I also caught myself saying ‘can you pop the trunk?’ to a taxi driver and ‘we’ll take the check please’ to a waitress. I’m out of control. Or even outta … Continue reading

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 Lucy Robinson eating oysters

By the time this blog gets published it’ll be two days since Day Fourteen happened. This delay has occurred because I am really rubbish and simply could not make myself write a blog, however loudly I shouted at myself. Fortunately, not much happened on Day Fourteen, so you can now relax. So. On Day Fourteen I realised I had to stop and rest, urgently. My legs had stopped walking. So I stopped and rested. American hotel beds are so ginormous that you can spend hours hanging out in them before getting bored. There’s just so many areas of the bed to … Continue reading

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“Please wear smart business dress,” they said. Oh God.

Back in May 2010 I announced – with gay abandon – that I was leaving behind my old career to become a Bohemian Writer instead. I would move to Buenos Aires where I would drift around in bare feet; wearing an assortment of headscarves, eating alternative foods such as silken tofu and giving up consumer crap like make up and fashion. I’d do art and culture and politics. Oh yes I would! It didn’t really happen. I did go to Buenos Aires but there was nothing bohemian or chilled about the way I wrote my first novel. I was manic and I wore Topshop. I drank too much tea and the closest … Continue reading

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