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Robinson is back.

 Lucy Robinson with a moustache.

Dear Everyone who might find this blog, I’m BACK! I’m WELL! I survived the most horrible six months of my life! You may remember my last post, back in June, when I wrote something a bit cryptic about my body going on strike and me having to sign off for a while. I wasn’t being cryptic because I’m a dick (although I am a dick)  – I was being cryptic because I didn’t yet know what was wrong with me. Except I did, really. The day it started – the day it seemed to come crashing out of the sky … Continue reading

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Lucy Robinson and Dr Shepherd


“I really, properly LOVE Doug Ross. I LOVE him. You don’t understand, I REALLY LOVE HIM.” This, I fear, is where it all began. The above is an extract from my teenage diary. Which, incidentally, makes for outstanding reading; littered as it is with angry  rebuttals like the above: ‘You just don’t understand,’ or ‘you will never know’ or, simply, ‘Don’t even bother.’ I don’t know who I was talking to in those moments. God, perhaps? Unlikely. My sister? I always suspected that she was reading my diary. It turns out she wasn’t. I digress; its irrelevant. Like most teenagers I … Continue reading

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