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Vintage Robinson in Argentina: Robinson gets a date (she thinks)


Morning all! HAPPY MONDAY. So, I explained here why I’m not doing my Life I Love blog for a short while. Here, following on from where I left off on Friday, is my third Argentina blog. It’s the one where I sort of got a date with a bloke called Paul. http://lucy-robinson.co.uk/romance-fewer-options/

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The world has gone mad

Readers. I have met a man I like. Yes. Hang on, WHAT? My dog Grouse, when he passes wind, often looks round at his backside in total confusion. “What was that?” he thinks. “Who made that noise?” That is how I feel writing the opening line of this blog. “I have met a man I like.” Eh? Me?  Lucy Robinson? Dater of drug addicts, face-clutchers, pigeon-racers? In fact, dater of (in recent months) bloody no-one at all? What the flaming Jesus is going on! I honestly don’t know. I was going about my business, trying to remember the Spanish word for ‘aubergine’ … Continue reading

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