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Loving New York: Day Three

SO MANY THINGS! I love ALL THE THINGS! But here are some highlights from Day Three: 1. Mad flower Man Man runs into grocery store. ‘HELP,’ he shouts. He is sweating. ‘I NEED A FLOWER RECOMMENDATION.’ I listen up. I like this sort of thing. ‘THERE’S A GIRL. I NEED TO BUY HER SOME FLOWERS. I DON’T KNOW WHAT THE HELL TO GET HER.’ I smile kindly. ‘Let me help you,’ I say in my smoothest English accent. ‘THANK YOU’ he yells hoarsely. ‘You like her then?’ I ask, taking him outside to the flowers. He looks even more wild. … Continue reading

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Meaty mornings

I took The Man to meet Kieran, my old housemate. I love Kieran; I used to live with him. I love The Man, I now live with him. I thought we could share some chat about what a great person I am to live with: kind, funny, tidy: the sort of roomie you’d be really proud to introduce to your friends and family. The waiter came over to take our order. It was breakfast; we were in a French restaurant. He spoke to us in French because no one in that restaurant ever talks to you in English. It wouldn’t … Continue reading

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