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Wot I loved Today: Philly Rutt’s MEGA ART


Today I am loving – along with the SUNSHINE and my bobbly cardigan and an unexpected lunchtime reggae rave-up – the brilliant work of Philly Rutt, a very talented artist I met during the course of … I can’t remember. Something to do with blogging I think. Anyway, Philly invited me to the opening thingy of her exhibition in Queen’s Park last year and I fell madly in love with her work. I have an uneasy relationship with art. I like the idea of it, and I like galleries but the truth is, I often feel bemused and bored when … Continue reading

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Wot I loved today: ALL THE THINGS.

 Lucy Robinson on the tube. Photo: Beagleybrown.com

It’s been three days since I dropped a Wot I Love blog. This isn’t because I’ve stopped loving things, it is because the data allowance on my phone has run out for this month and I won’t pay for any more. I AM A PIKEY OF ASTONISHING PROPORTIONS! Additionally, I am away from home and whenever I’m somewhere with wifi I’m generally talking to people. But I’m here now on a sofa with wifi and nobody to talk to so I’m going to tell you about the things I’ve loved since Monday. So: On TuesdayI loved having a literary inspiration … Continue reading

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Art n blogs

 through the window - COPYRIGHT PHILLY RUTT

One of the nicest things about having a blog is having readers. (As any blogger will know, readers are by no means a given.) And an even nicer thing is getting to know some of them. In the early days of my blog, when I was internet dating furiously and generally behaving like a twat, I developed a faithful core of readers who were there with me, week in, week out, sharing my (small percentage of) highs and (considerable percentage of) lows. I have a date with one of them in a cheese shop in Cardiff soon. (A girl date, … Continue reading

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2012: My Hitlist and Shitlist.

 Lucy Robinson 01 (2)

I recently did a talk at some trendy media event with the Huffington Post’s Editor-in-Chief Carla Buzasi. I said a few pointless things about nothing in particular and then she gave a brilliant and incisive run-down of what does and does not work in the blog world. (She has literally thousands of bloggers on her books. If she says something about blogging, it’s probably correct.) Anyway, she told the audience that it is not good enough to have a blog lapse and then post something lame about how you were ‘on holiday’ or ‘too busy.’ By then your readers will already … Continue reading

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