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Tips for Bad Writing Days: #1 GET OUT OF YOUR HOUSE

 Get on your bike. Lucy Robinson Blog.

When I have a Bad Writing Day – and let me tell you that I have them ALL OF THE TIME – I can go barmy very quickly. Barminess is not fertile ground for good writing. So I’m offering a series of tips from my own personal experience to help you with yours. Take what you like and leave the rest… Tip #1: GET THE HELL OUT OF YOUR HOUSE. AND ON TO YOUR BIKE  if you have one. If not, feet are good too.  The longer I sit inside trying to fix a broken storyline, the more anxious I … Continue reading

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El Bosque de Robinson

Marge and I hired some bikes to do a 22km up-and-down mountains cycle ride which has been named – somewhat dishonestly, I should add – ‘the little circuit.’ The man asked if either of us were proficient cyclists. “No,” Marge replied. (That was probably fairly obvious; she had turned up for a five hour cycle in a tight cream-coloured miniskirt.) “Yes,” I shouted self-importantly. “I cycle everywhere in London.” I bounced around in my shorts and plimsolls to prove the point. The man looked unconvinced and handed me a bike. “Tell me if the saddle is the right height,” he said. I … Continue reading

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