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Life I Love: The Man’s pillow talk


Last night, 11pm. We are lying in bed. Without warning, The Man sits up and exclaims ‘FROTTAGE CHEESE!’ and then dies laughing. This bore no relation to anything we were doing in bed, by the way. It’s just The Man. He is an adorable wazzock, he really is.

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Tips for bad writing days: #2 GET INTO BED

 Lucy Robinson blog: tips for bad writing days

When I have a Bad Writing Day – and let me tell you that I have them ALL OF THE TIME – I can go barmy very quickly. Barminess is not fertile ground for good writing. So I’m offering a series of tips from my own personal experience to help you with yours. Take what you like and leave the rest… Tip #2: GET INTO BED. (With your characters.) Here’s how I see it: the human brain was not designed to produce new creative content hour after hour, day after day. Editing’s a fucker, because I have to slash huge … Continue reading

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