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Wot I loved today: Guilt-free bacon sandwiches

 Bacon Sandwich. Copyright Lucy Robinson blog

I gave up meat when I was thirteen because I could no longer reconcile the contradictory imperatives of desperately loving animals and desperately wanting to eat them. I did fourteen long, miserable years without meat. It was awful. If you’re a vegetarian, don’t be cross. Just understand that I was born a carnivore. There wasn’t a day when I didn’t long for a nice pork chop or some roast chicken or a rare steak. I was nearly sacked from a hotel I worked at as a teenager because the chef caught me with a  lamb shank in my hand, sniffing … Continue reading

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Behind the scenes at Pub Day

 Lucy Robinson BRAVELY READING. Copyright Lucy Robinson blog

Well now. Hello dearest readers. How are you? I am good, thanks. Hmmm, did I mention that my BOOK, A Passionate Love Affair with a Total Stranger, IS NOW OUT? What’s that? Shut the fuck up and stop bothering us about it? Oh. I see. Fair enough. I’ll be quiet. *muffled squeals* No, I can’t do it! I can’t shut up, I’m sorry. It’s the most exciting thing ever and I’m still surrounded by cards and flowers and high heels. (I know! Me! High heels! I wore them constantly and didn’t fall over ONCE.) So because I’m feeling so excitable I … Continue reading

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Bawdy Wench

Happy Easter, my friends! Hmmm. Normally Easter Sunday sees me locked in a resentful face-off with a boiled egg because I am unable to eat sugar and thus cannot stuff my face with chocolate. Naturally, it is always the boiled egg’s fault. Or, I will spend the day trying to outwit my parents’ dog Grouse, whose determination to steal any chocolate stored within four feet of the floor is matched only by the determination of Simon Cowell to fill the world with dreadful music. This year, however, I have to say I’ve barely even noticed that it’s Easter. I’m grateful to … Continue reading

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