NEWS: new date for my book launch !

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Here’s a piece of breaking news. My next novel, The Unfinished Symphony of You and Me – which I love MADLY and of which I am truly proud – is out sooner than we were all expecting. Reach for your diaries right now:


This is three months and two days away, as opposed to four months and two weeks away which is what we were initially expecting.

As I wrote recently, I have not yet had the experience of feeling desperately proud of a book. Not that there was anything wrong with the others, and as my loyal chums will remember I was madly excited when they came out – but this one feels different. It’s a really special book. Perhaps because it took such an enormous amount of research. Perhaps because some of the stuff in it felt truly hard and sad and tapped into some hard and sad things within me. Perhaps because my main character, Sally, and I went through similar transformations at the same time . . . Although that’s not something I could ever have predicted when I started writing the book. Maybe it’s just because I’m growing up and improving as a writer and used this book to consolidate all the lessons I’ve learned; to add layers I didn’t know how to add before.

Whatever the reason is, this book is like my child and to know I will be cradling the real thing in my arms in a mere three months is indescribably wonderful.

Um, so that’s it. Here’s a picture of the bound proof which arrived today. Rather cleverly it doesn’t have the title on the front; instead it features a quote from somewhere about halfway through the book which I never dreamed would end up on the front! One of those lines you just dash off and then, suddenly, it’s the line that your publishers sit round a table and agree is a perfect distillation of all that lies inside. Ace. Good. Great. RAHHHH!

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10 Responses to NEWS: new date for my book launch !

  1. Annalise says:

    I literally cannot wait until 19th June, cannot wait (do I have to?) x



  3. Katy regan says:

    Oh wow, Robinson. I’m so proud and pleased for you. Especially that you are so proud of this and that you should be and that I totally get what you mean about feeling like you’re growing up and ‘know had to add layers you didn’t know how to before’. Beautifully put. Your last two novels were so stonkingly good, I know, if this is better, it’s going to be f***Ing amazing! Go Go Robinson. Your friend, Regan x

  4. Carrie says:

    Yay, very excited! Loved your first two, so have high expectations for this one!

  5. Lucy Robinson says:

    thank you Carrie! x

  6. Cesca says:

    Ah lovely news and so excited to read this one. Can’t wait x x

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