NEW YORK: DAY ONE. Coffee, FOOD, Brian May Hair.

I’m here I’m here I’m here!

But I am really very unlovely. I’m in bed wearing a jumper with a pair of socks. I have mascara flakes all over my face and hair like Brian May’s. My skin looks like over-cooked cabbage. I am shaking slightly.

This is because I am jetlagged and made the error of ‘going for a nap’ earlier. For the love of Christ, Robinson. You know better than that! Now I feel furry and dreadful and am mewing with despair at the idea of getting up and starting the evening. However an evening I shall have; I am meeting with former Marie Claire blogging colleague Rachael Wright who is a Cool Person who lives in Brooklyn, which is where I am staying. I am hoping to learn more about being cool, and eating food, and drinking drinks, and watching music, and having good times: all of these things are items that I am researching for my third novel, much of which is set here.

The trip over here was quite uneventful, but it was ruined by my reading material. I am lucky enough to have a proof/review copy of Katy Regan’s third novel, How We Met. It is infuriatingly brilliant so I spent most of the 7 hours and 15 minutes of my time on Delta 6 feeling resentful and inadequate. This is the problem with being a writer. You begin to hate anyone who has written a good book, which is a lot of people. A proper review of this moving, wise and witty book will come soon.

Anyway, then we arrived at JFK and my heart swelled. I love this city more than I can say. As soon as I saw that wonderful golden slanting light on the coast of Queens I just started to squeak and I haven’t really stopped. It was so, so lovely. The water was sparkling and people were smiling. Even the man who tried to rob us at Jamaica Station as we got on the J train. He smiled too.

We’re staying in East Williamsburg and have been here twenty four hours. I have had three meals so far and each has been absolutely outstanding. I have bought two awesome little tops for a song. I’ve met some amazing dogs (for those of you who are new to my blog, I love dogs more than humans so they feature heavily in my blogs. Same goes for food) and have been very pleased by the warm welcome and lovely weather. The Man and I stumbled to the East River State Park earlier and just gawped at Manhattan, smiling and occasionally saying things like ‘blummmddhhh!’ or ‘gofffhhhh.’ As I said, we are both very jetlagged. And very excited. Tomorrow we shall cross the East River and penetrate the hell out of Manhattan. The Man’s plan is to check out architecture and museums and history; mine is to eat a lot of pizza in Little Italy and to buy a lot of clothes in SoHo.

By the way, sorry about today’s photo. I have been taking pictures all day with my proper camera but it has had a fit of pique and is refusing to allow me to transfer photos to my computer. So I only have this picture of this morning’s coffees, which, while very tasty (thanks to the coffee geeks at  Toby’s Estate in Brooklyn) are not really very inspiring. I’ll try to do better tomorrow.

No, I’ll do better now. Here’s a self-taken shot, right now, 7.20pm, of your correspondent in her Brooklyn bed, a la Brian May. Mmmmm. Nice. 

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  1. Laidlow de G says:

    I wish I was in NYC! Have an amazing trip. Eat loads of yum. Already can’t wait for #3.

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