Loving New York: WATER + WAITERS

dr_derek_shepard_grays_anatomy2What happens in the UK when you want a glass of water with your food:
Customer: Oh, and some tap water please.
Waiter: Slight nod; expression of distaste
*Fifteen minutes elapses*
Customer: excuse me . . .
Waiter: (Cannot reply; waiter has lost sense of hearing)
*Food arrives*
Customer: And can I have that tap water, please?
Waiter: Yes, just a . . . (disappears)
*An hour elapses*
Customer: I’d like the bill please.
Waiter: Alright. Here’s your water. (Looks really annoyed, as if customer is a massive twat for wasting water)

What happens in NY – and, as I recall, pretty much everywhere else in the US:
Waiter: HI THERE! How are you! Your necklace is so cute!
Customer: Oh! Thank you!
*Chat ensues. Waiter is so friendly that customer wants to cry a bit. So open. So kind and cheerful. Customer feels drunk on love and forgets to ask for water*
*Customer looks down to find that during that exchange the waiter has somehow brought them a huge glass of iced water anyway*
Customer: WOW! THANKS!
Waiter: (Is confused) Oh, you’re welcome . . ?
*Five minutes later, customer has had a few sips of water. And you know what? The waiter is RIGHT BACK THERE, giving them refills. They refil the customer’s glass again and again, even when they’re paying the bill. And they keep on being nice. ALL THE WAY THROUGH THE MEAL.*

It is hard to put into words how happy this makes me.

I’ve used a picture of McDreamy just cos.

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7 Responses to Loving New York: WATER + WAITERS

  1. Trish says:

    I love that! Makes me home sick! I miss nice customer service people! Have a nice day! Xxx

  2. Fiona Gibson says:

    I love your blog, Lucy. Am catching up reading loads of old posts. Reading this makes me want to hop on a plane right now x

  3. Emma says:

    I keep trying to unsubscribe, (I get a ridiculous amount of emails each day and I am trying to reduce them, I already see Lucy’s posts via twitter so I’d like to stop the emails) but each time I do it tells me I’m not subscribed, which clearly I am – can anyone help please? Thank you x

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