Loving New York DAY ONE

Lucy Robinson with jetlagI’m here! I’m here! I’m here!

As you can see, I look like an alien, I smell like a tramp and I sound like a MAN. A growly sexy man, except I’m a rotten smelly woman.

Anyway, what’s up, yo!

As many readers know, I blog most days about things I love because, since doing a thing called the Lightning Process a few months back to cure my ass of M.E., I’ve discovered that life is in fact amazing and it’s worth celebrating every tiny thing. And when I’m in New York I love ALL THE THINGS.

So here’s what I’ve loved already:

1. British Airways. They are so wonderful! They sound like BBC continuity newsreaders in the 1940s! Their captains sound dashing and handsome and they chat to you over the tannoy as if you are their mate who’s come over for a beer. Or a horlicks or whatever they’re drinking in that post-war bubbble. AND I had asparagus risotto that didn’t make me want to barf, and every single film that I want to watch was on their film thingy. I watched Dallas Buyers Club, and decided that Matthew McConaughey is the finest actor on earth. He broke my heart. He was incredible. Then I watched American Hustle and literally couldn’t stop staring at Amy Adam’s breasts. Aren’t they amazing? Their chief cabin lady gave me water and almost had to perform mouth-to-mouth when I arrived on the plane at a flat-out sprint. I got to the airport hours too early and yet still nearly missed the flight. Am a huge twat.

2. American airports. They do love a good uniform in America, don’t they? I love everything about their airports. The unstinting commitment to NOT SMILING at security, the adverts, the Smarte Cartes, the fact that EVERYONE (apart from the security people) wish you a nice day . . . Hudson news, sloping afternoon light, carpets, nice-sounding people babbling away in what must be English, although I can never understand a word of it . . . Oh, I love it all.

3. MANHATTAN. My best friend Marge, who I’m staying with (I love Marge SO MUCH) forced me to go for a walk last night, so I’d stay up late enough to not wake up at 3am (although I did anyway) and even though I couldn’t really speak, or walk, or function in any way, I still felt just utterly thrilled and happy and energised and invigorated and inspired. (And fucking mental, too, but that’ll pass.) These days, everywhere is my Happy Place but this city is absolutely up there in the happiest, most brilliant, sparkly AWESOME places I’ve ever been.

I end with a challenge to you, dear readers. On twitter and facebook I’ve already been challenged to eat Twizzlers (Trish) and a Cronut (Stuart). They have explained what these things are and I am intrigued and appalled. I’m going to try them! So I’m throwing down the gauntlet. Tell me – in the comments below, or my FB page or my twitter account, what you challenge me to eat and I will do my best to try it. I will video the results. GO!

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2 Responses to Loving New York DAY ONE

  1. Trish says:

    Don’t forget the Twinkie! Cronut! Haven’t had one of them in years!! Have a fab time! xx

  2. Stuart Anderson says:

    Brilliant. Good luck finding the cronut. I would ask you to bring me one back, but it might get a bit squished.

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