Loving New York day 13: peep show toilets

I don’t love this, really, but I find it very funny. (You’ll forgive me posting a picture of French toast, rather than the actual subject matter, I hope.)

America – why in the name of The Lord Jesus Christ do your public toilets – and a good many of your office toilets – have MASSIVE GAPS between the door and its hinges/fastenings? Let me be clear – YOU CAN CLEARLY SEE A PERSON ON THE BOG when you walk in.

Why? Why do you do this?

Your toilets are so much better in all other respects. They’re comfy, they flush properly (everything goes, unlike the half-hearted, resentful part-empty that goes on in UK bogs) and they offer an unparalleled viewing shelf where you can clearly and easily inspect whatever it is you’ve just done.

But the doors… The doors….?

I am lost, America. Help me out here.


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One Response to Loving New York day 13: peep show toilets

  1. Sara Metcalfe says:

    I TOTALLY agree- every time I cross the pond I think the same!

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