Loving New York 10: being so cool

I’m not cool. But I felt it for a night. I stood on the VIP balcony overlooking the stage at the CHVRCHES gig last night. All around me were men with massive beards and round glasses (this is the facial hair uniform for cool men these days) and below me were an ELECTRO BAND.

Even though it seemed that it was probably a lot cooler in that balcony to stand still and vaguely nod my head to the music, I was rocking out proper by the end, with thrashing arms and screaming and stuff. They were immense! Or whatever you’re meant to say about cool bands!

I am having such a good time. I’m saying yes to everything. I smile all day long. I’m stressed by nothing and I even agreed with myself yesterday that I would not buy a handbag, even though I need one,* because I am skint and need that money for curtains in the bedroom back at home. The neighbours can see us in bed; it’s beyond a joke now. Anyway, I actually peaceful about that decision.

I don’t miss stressy adrenalised Robinson one bit, you know. HEAR ME NOW!


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  1. Clare says:

    I know exactly what you mean about the big beards and glasses look. I love the inventiveness of twisting an old look that humans have and then how loads of people copy it so it becomes a trend. Hilarious aren’t we? Glad you are having a great time and sharing some of your photos. Xx

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