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AHOY THERE friends!

Oh my flaming knobs it’s been a busy week! But I won’t go on about that because it would be very boring; I will instead sound a modest trumpet fanfare and deliver some exciting bits and pieces of NEWS.

Here goes!

1. Reveal Magazine goes bonkers:

I’m not joking – there is a double page spread in Reveal magazine this week featuring none other than Lucy Robinson! In a bloomin’ naughty sailor’s outfit! Eeeek! I’ll explain the outfit later on in this post but for now, check out the magazine. I’m even on the front cover!

It is probably the most hilarious and exciting thing that has happened to me since becoming an author. Madness. Here I am staring in great wonder at the glamorous thing on the front cover that bears no resemblance whatsoever to the tracksuited slob writing this blog.

2. Robinson on tour part 1

I am very excited to have two forthcoming events to invite you to. The first is THIS WEDNESDAY (May 22nd) and it’s part of the Lambeth Readers and Writers Festival. I’m going to be chatting with best-selling novelist Mike Gayle about writing outside one’s gender. Mike is a very successful women’s fiction author – but can a man really write for women? Clearly, Mike Gayle can! Come along and find out how he and I go about it. And generally just have some fun and wine and cake and stuff. It’s going to be ace! Full details and (free) tickets here.

3. Robinson on tour part 2

If you can’t make it to Brixton, or fancy two doses of me (although if it’s the latter you’re maybe a bit mad) then may I please invite you to the London Writers’ Cafe on June 11th. I am very excited about this evening!

Featuring myself plus the brilliant Ali Harris AND top agent Kate Burke, the evening promises to be a jolly old celebration of women’s fiction – how to write it, how to start your career and . . . well, all of the other things you want us to talk about too – just lob over the questions on the night. Full details here . . . I hope to see you there!

4. WRITERSPHERE Competition 

Those of you who follow me on twitter or facebook may remember me shouting a lot about a short story competition recently, run by the clever folks at Writersphere. I was very chuffed to be asked to judge their spring competition, the results of which were announced over the last few days. There were four brilliant shortlisted entries and one winner and I cannot recommend all five stories highly enough. The winning story was utterly amazing and it blew me away. Not to mention made me roar with laughter. Thanks, Writersphere for having me, and thanks so very much to everyone who entered. And if you didn’t – why not enter Writersphere’s next competition?


Now here’s a very exciting thing – so exciting I’m giving it a big photo. I am very proud to be taking part in this summer’s hottest eBook: Sunlounger. Sunlounger is the brainchild of the very popular and ace Belinda Jones, who writes chicklit set in all sorts of glamorous, travelly locations. She has curated no less than thirty stories from chicklit writers and put them together with a short story competition winner too. There are some really good writers taking part – CHECK IT OUT. My story is, of course, about Argentina. It involves a statue of Jesus and an angry woman. That’s all I’m saying.

The book is out on July 1st but the website has just gone live and it’s totally lush. Not only is it crammed with pictures of us all dressed as beach pin-ups (hence my sailor’s outfit!) there are tons of fashion and beauty tips and much, much more.

6. Robinson on tour part 3

I have some more exciting news for you coming very soon, so watch this space. Or something that sounds a bit less wanky. Stay tuned? No, that’s worse. Any suggestions, guys?


Having read all of the above I admit that it may sound as if my life is a bit charmed at the moment. Yes, I am very lucky and excited to be part of all of these brilliant things. But I wanted to share that…

a) I have had one of the most horrible work weeks in recent history due to a writing project that went wrong. I have not sworn this much in my whole life and my hands have been shaking permanently.

b) I am moving to Bristol this weekend and have not had time to pack so much as a suitcase.

c) I am moving to Bristol this weekend and don’t have anywhere to live.

d) There is an ant infestation in my kitchen.

e) My precious sun tan from Morocco is fading every second; lost under layers of clothing.

f) I lost £100 on a Cornish beach ten days ago.

g) I also lost £80 worth of supplements somehow.

h) I had so many injections in a hospital on Tuesday that I can still barely move my arms and I feel like someone’s punched me in the . . . in the life, really.

i) My left hip has stopped working and I am about as flexible as an ageing elephant at the moment.

I hope these things balance it all out a little.

Anyway, feel free to get in touch about any of the above things – and come along to say hello at one of the events! I want to see you!

That is all.

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