Life I Love: Vintage Robinson in Argentina

photo (56)I’m struggling to find time to upload my daily Life I Love blog at the moment. I’m still making sure I take note of all the things that make me smile, but the small matter of having, erm, FIFTY THOUSAND WORDS TO WRITE IN SIX WEEKS, plus a fuck-load of quite serious plot wrangling, is impeding my ability to share such moments with you. Sorry.

So, in the interim, I have decided to introduce you (or re-introduce the die-hards amongst you) to my early blogs from Argentina. I lived there for a year starting June 2010 and had the very best time of my life. On my second day there I watched Argentina crash out of the World Cup semi-final (to Germany!) and so when I saw my poor beloved friends being bumped out once again last Sunday, I was prompted to go and explore those old blogs again. Oh, how I laughed! Brave yet frightened Robinson, starting out completely on her own South America, knowing not a soul. Single (it was pre-The Man), newly signed to Penguin, trying to write her first novel while learning Spanish and training to be an English teacher. Falling in lust with guitar-playing hippies and eating the finest steak on earth. Mad as a bloody BADGER.

Such nostalgia! Lovely.

So I thought I’d share these early blogs with you. Back then they appeared on but when I set up on my own I brought them over here.


ARGENTINA BLOG ONE: ‘Well, hola innit!’


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