Life I Love: the best dessert

I spent a long time not eating sugar because I was suffering the misapprehension that I couldn’t handle it. Of course I could. I can handle anything. I have the POWER! I AM BASICALLY GOD!

I am not God. I’ve not even met him. Or her. Or them.

Anyway. I’m still exploring the world of dessert, which is such a joy. There’s something a bit shit (as in, monumentally shit) about being the weird one staring tight-lipped at their empty plate at a dinner party while everyone else chows down on some lovely crumble or tart or pie. Or, for my new American friends (WELCOME TO MY BLOG!) maybe a cobbler (PLEASE TELL ME WHAT A COBBLER IS) or something involving pumpkins (PLEASE TELL ME HOW ANYTHING INVOLVING PUMPKINS COULD TASTE NICE?).

Last night my friends made something I’d yet to try and it was so simple that even a dicksplat like me could make it: fresh raspberries with vanilla ice cream and home made chocolate sauce. Which is basically plain chocolate and a bit of butter and milk melted in a glass bowl over a pan of boiling water. Done.

Who knew? It was AMAZING! Unfortunately, I do not have a picture of it, so I’m instead treating you to a picture of my darling Grouse, who is coming to stay tomorrow. Grouseman! Welcome!

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  1. Lainy SMBSLT says:

    What a beautiful dog and lol, you need a swear box 😛


    P.s I have always wondered what they put in cobbler and why it got its name!

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