Look who The Man and I are looking after this week, at our friends’ beautiful farm! NICE PIGGIES!


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4 Responses to Life I love: PIGGIES! IT’S PIGGIES!

  1. gill edwards says:

    Oh i am deeply envious! I love animals and they are gorgeous piggies. Love the way they rushed across to greet you/food.
    Gill x

  2. You have inspired me to write more on this missus. The entire village smells of poo – thanks to ‘that time of year’….you really are needed to help with the my king out and spreading of manure here! Love this!!

  3. Jenny_Indigo says:

    I was thinking you were quite brave with three pigs hurtling towards you!

    Looks like fun.

  4. T says:

    Piggies! They look very happy indeed in your care. Good work farmer Robinson.

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