Calm before the storm

Actually, I hope most sincerely that the title of this blog turns out to be bollocks. I don’t WANT a storm. I want something nice and (consistently) calm, please. Something that doesn’t involve any madness, any stalking, any WHY HASN’T HE CALLED WHY WHY WHY OH MY GOD HE HAS MET SOMEONE ELSE ON THE WAY TO THE TOILET, HASN’T HE, HE HAS, I KNOW IT, I MIGHT AS WELL JUST STICK MY HEAD IN THE OVEN NOW AND BE DONE WITH IT.

The Man is on a plane on his way back to Buenos Aires as I type. As he cruises  gracefully through the sky above the boiling plains of central Argentina I am sitting in my apartment in Buenos Aires wondering how I feel about the situation.

(Obviously I should be working but of course I am not.)

The good thing is that, thus far, I have been very calm about it all. In fact I don’t remember the last time I was this calm about a man. Perhaps it’s because I’m genuinely not looking for amor while I’m here. Or perhaps its…

…Oh, do you know what. I have written and re-written this blog about fifty times now. The honest truth is, I have no idea how I feel because I am feeling about two million different things about the situation. I don’t know which of these things is dominant so I am going to get my head down, ignore it, do some work and then go on my date with him tomorrow night.

I shall blog as soon as I am able!

Wish me luck, friends.


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