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One of the nicest things about having a blog is having readers. (As any blogger will know, readers are by no means a given.) And an even nicer thing is getting to know some of them. In the early days of my blog, when I was internet dating furiously and generally behaving like a twat, I developed a faithful core of readers who were there with me, week in, week out, sharing my (small percentage of) highs and (considerable percentage of) lows. I have a date with one of them in a cheese shop in Cardiff soon. (A girl date, not a proper date cos that would be very weird.) And I’m meeting another one in New York in September. (And since I launched an appeal on Monday for readers’ stories of their moronic behaviour I’ve done nothing but read my inbox and laugh.) I LOVE MY READERS.

One of the email relationships that has sprung out of my years as a blogger is with a very talented artist named Philly Rutt. Last night she had a showcase of her work and she invited me along and readers, I’m not joking, it was PROPERLY BRILLIANT.

Obviously, being me, I fucked up and went to the wrong Elgin pub. There are two in London and even though I’d been told THE ELGIN, MAIDA VALE I still went to the one on Ladbroke Grove. “Where’s the art, then?” I asked the waitress as she gave me my plate of lamb.

“There isn’t any art.”

“But I’m here for the art showcase!”

“There isn’t an art showcase. There’s a band at 9pm?”

“Ah,” I said spiritedly. I remembered the ‘Maida Vale’ part of the invite at this point. “Ah, I see.”

Still, it was a minor mishap in comparison to my blunders at the last art event I blogged about, so, undeterred, I ate my dinner and put my friend and I into a taxi headed for the correct pub.

It was worth the wait. This girl’s art is amazing. I know less than nothing about art but even I could tell she was really good. And my friend, who does know about these things, confirmed it. She said ‘this lady is going to do well’ and then said lots of clever things about the use of orange flecks in one of the paintings. And lines. And Picasso. I just stared at each of them and breathed, ‘wow, that’s niiiiiiiiiiiice.’

A thorough and compelling analysis.

I’ve never been good at art but seeing Philly Rutt’s work made me want to be better. Not at creating art; dear God no. That would be a travesty. But enjoying it. (And maybe even buying it, if I ever have more than a grubby tenner in the bank. )

And that’s it really. I met a lovely person who was completely hilarious and her work was mega and it left me feeling all fired up about visual arts and grateful that I’ve been connected to so many ace people through my blog. And I discovered a beautiful venue with design features that included fresh root vegetables in boxes, should any patrons wish to throw a butternut squash at each other. There was a lot of giggling and good food and booze and Philly made me feel better about my launch party speech because hers was as crap as mine. (Basically: I love you all, and I don’t like speaking in public so I’ll just sort of trail off mumbling and blushing.)

It was one of those nights when I remembered just how lucky I am to do what I do. Rah! Blog power! YEAH!

You can see more of Philly’s megatronically brilliant paintings and pictures and stuff at

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  1. Cesca says:

    Great blog. Her stuff looks fantastic. X

  2. Sandy rutt says:

    Obviously a relative!!we had a great fun night ,great venue and food and extraordinary art,with love laughter and the odd”glass” or two incidentally this is my first blog,x

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